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Comprehensive Hotel automations.

We undertake the complete study and implementation of modern automation projects in newly built or already existing hotel units. Our mission is to provide our customers with the complete analysis of their hotel’s needs and implement specialized solutions that deliver measurable results and are fully harmonized with the aesthetics of your space.


Constant, maximum and minimum temperature smart settings, for optimal energy savings.

Air conditioning

Absolute control and automation of the air conditioning, for top savings and comfort.


Smart lighting scenarios and comprehensive control by the visitor via smart applications.

Air quality

Air quality monitoring for every area of the hotel, with sensors that give you complete control.

Roller shutters-Doors-Shading

Smart safety and control scenarios for maximum energy savings, according to weather and light conditions.

Electrical devices

Automated shutdown and remote control of energy-consuming devices for maximum energy savings.

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PowerTech offers you the comprehensive study of your facilities, fully undertaking the creation of the ultimate personalized proposal that will upgrade the hospitality experience, help you save money and significantly improve the ease of management and operation.
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At your side from planning to implementation

PowerTech deals with your smart hotel’s needs from the first moment of planning to the final implementation of the project. We take care of every step for you: We are in direct collaboration with the project’s architect, we perform the comprehensive study for the your facilitie’s needs and take care of the on-time, discreet and fully harmonized implementation of all the applications, providing you with unparalleled care.
In-depth study of your needs
Customized automation solutions
Complete, consistent and fully harmonized implementation
Integrated support and IT management
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We create the smart room in a smarter hotel

PowerTech’s goal is to create an integrated Room Management System, through automation and smart scenarios, that improve the guest’s experience and provide the hotelier with absolute control over their hotel’s facilities and infrastructure, while offering top money and energy savings. The installation of the automation systems is carried out with minimum intervention in the structure of the space, maximum personalization of their characteristics according to the hotel’s aesthetic identity and total coordination with the estimated timescale according to the demanding schedule of the hotel, ensuring its smooth operation.
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What do automation systems offer?

Hotel automation systems create an intelligent environment for the ultimate management of your rooms. In this way, through smart scripts and remote prompts, you have full control, shaping the ideal conditions for guests.

Saving money & energy

The automation systems recognize your guest’s presence and activity, as well as the external lighting, weather and temperature conditions, to reduce energy consumption and maximizing money savings.

Complete, real-time status updates

You’ve got all the status updates on your smartphone or tablet, in real time: From reservations to check-outs and from your guest’s presence and activity to the hotel management.

Total hotel management on your smartphone

All automation systems inform you in real time about the active scenarios. They are unified in a smart management system, compatible with your smartphone or tablet.

40% room energy saving, compared to conventional card systems

Your guests spend 10 hours in the room and 14 hours outside per day. 70% of your guests forget their card in the room consuming 40% more energy. We create the smart hotel room that recognizes the guest’s presence, habits and needs, with measurable benefits in money and energy saving.
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100% elimination of wireless “dead” zones

By creating a smart mesh and providing connection to the optimum access point, we completely eliminate any dead zones or even spots in your hotel, while ensuring the best bandwidth distribution and optimizing the access and use experience.
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98% of tourism businesses scored higher in customer reviews.

The visitor’s experience is directly linked with the ratings received. A unique accommodation experience has a direct and extremely positive impact on ratings.
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Up to 60% increase in productivity

60% of phone call time could have been avoided with a smart management system.
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80% less structural interventions

Intelligent automation, security and data transfer systems rely 80% more on wireless connectivity, minimizing the necessary cabling interventions in the space.
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100% coverage with security systems for your business’s physical and digital infrastructures.

Comprehensive security solutions, from hospitality quality and guest security, provided by remote management and control systems, to network access security and data storage.
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More than 150 smart tourism businesses trust PowerTech

Hotels and tourism businesses, that stand out for the experience they offer their guests, trust PowerTech.
Frequently asked questions
We share with you the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services and products. We are always at your side, providing solutions to your needs.

A hotel, or a tourism business in general, is characterized as "smart" when it has capable technological systems that support: automations, remote control, optimized and smart management, real energy savings through smart and automated scripts and an upgraded guest experience through personalized scenarios and advanced digital services.

In practice, a “Smart Hotel” facilitates control and management, upgrades energy efficiency and provides your guests with a unique experience that returns as top ratings.

You don’t have to do it alone. PowerTech takes care of the complete study and analysis of your needs and the creation of a personalized and comprehensive proposal, which will include the most efficient solutions for your tourism business. It’s something we’ve been totally specialized in since 2003.

PowerTech’s automation systems are specially designed for the Tourism sector and hospitality businesses. This doesn’t mean that they do not have application in other fields or industries. Nevertheless, we can recommend specialized solutions that will fully cover your home automation needs, as the Home Automation sector is dynamically up-and-coming in recent years. All smart scenarios and smart control features lead to a more efficient and of higher quality domestic or workplace environment.

We can answer this for you by carrying out a thorough study of your tourism business. But nevertheless, we can reassure you that the structural interventions to install the systems are minimal, thanks to the advanced technology of wireless connectivity. Additionally, all work is carried out by PowerTech’s specialized technical team, who are fully trained to know the operating requirements of a tourist business (such as work schedule, attention to space and discretion in project execution).

Expressions of interest

Are you interested in upgrading your tourism business and creating your smart hotel that will offer you maximum money and energy saving, ease and speed in management, service upgrade and top guest ratings? Contact PowerTech now and a qualified representative will be in touch with you, as soon as possible, to discuss your hotel’s needs.

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