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Easy and efficient implementation in newly built or already existing hotels and hospitality businesses

PowerTech undertakes the entire implementation of its projects with consistency and commitment to the project’s timescale and professional care for the premises’ integrity. Our experienced and fully qualified technical team is always in direct communication with PowerTech’s design team, but also with your own partners, architects and technicians, ensuring the excellent result and its aesthetic harmony with the elements of your interior design.
Always working according to schedule
Taking care of the final aesthetic result
Ensuring the premises are clean, tidy and fully functional
Excellent know-how and smart implementation techniques
PowerTech’s smart systems minimize the need of physical structural interventions, thanks to their maximum wireless connectivity, and their fully customizable features according to the your hotel’s aesthetic specifications and design identity.

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Frequently asked questions
We undertake the complete study and implementation of modern automation projects in newly built or already existing hotel units. Our mission is to comprehensively identify and analyze the needs of your business, and implement all specialized solutions that deliver measurable results, while respecting its undisturbed aesthetic identity and smooth operation.

The automation systems are suitable and extremely beneficial for every size and type of tourism business, from an Airbnb residence to the largest hotel facilities, since they are fully customizable.

Our case-study for your tourism business should focus on 3 factors: 1. The space itself, with a study of its design plans, structure, aesthetic identity, capacity and characteristics. 2. The needs of your tourism business’s operation and management; considering even all the possible expansion scenarios and future planning, and 3. The environment of the area itself for the absolute integration of the final result. This way we can create our specialized proposals exclusively for your own tourism business.

We can answer this for you by carrying out a thorough study of your tourism business. But nevertheless, we can reassure you that the structural interventions to install the systems are minimal, thanks to the advanced technology of wireless connectivity. Additionally, all work is carried out by PowerTech’s specialized technical team, who are fully trained to know the operating requirements of a tourist business (such as work schedule, attention to space and discretion in project execution).

No. The automation systems can also be installed with great ease and minimal intervention in existing buildings.

50+ smart tourism businesses trust PowerTech

Hotels and tourism businesses, that stand out for the experience they offer their guests, trust PowerTech.
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